The Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA) finds solutions that are cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient than what you are utilizing now. Our member companies bring customers added reliability and cost effectiveness.

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance's goal is to develop long term, beneficial partnerships between solution providers (our members) and customers looking for clean solutions. CTTA acts as the connection - the bridge - between customers and our member providers. 

Our evaluation process for clean solution providers to become members is the principle value to our customers. Our customers bring us an identified need and we source providers from our membership, companies with whom we've developed relationships from discovery through intake. Evaluation areas for potential member companies include: 
  • product/service viability
  • integrity
  • business practices
  • customer service
  • communication

Being a CTTA member means you are the best, part of the top 10% of clean businesses.

CTTA membership is an elite club. Only 1 in 10 businesses meet our rigorous evaluation criteria. Our member companies enjoy direct introductions to decision-makers with funded projects ready to go.
CTTA offers targeted, validated solutions free of charge. Our customers have the assurance of an extensively researched and validated business to provide their clean solution.
Reducing Risk
CTTA reduces risks for companies engaged in the value exchange sustainable, clean business. We validate both members and customers to ensure a low-friction, high-efficiency channel for getting business done.
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